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Mike Brodsho

It’s great to meet you

I’m Mike Brodsho, CEO and co-founder of PRO Resources. After running my own IT company for many years, I realized that every business is only as good as its people. I’ve seen the same story play out countless times. You start a business and work hard to meet your goals. But as you grow, so does the complexity of HR regulations and responsibilities. It can consume your time and energy, keeping you from doing the work you care about.

I wanted to help other business owners reignite their passion by offering a cost-effective solution. Whatever brought you here, I look forward to hearing your story and seeing how we can help.


Our mission

To provide superior and innovative human resources solutions and risk management, empowering our clients to focus on their core business.


Our vision

To improve the lives of our team and those we serve through business growth and innovation.