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How much does a PEO cost?

Our rate is based on a certain percentage of your payroll. For example, if the total annual amount you pay your employees in wages is $500,000 and we agree on a 3% rate, you would pay $15,000 annually (via monthly invoices) for all of the services we offer. Your rate may vary, but we’ll determine that as part of our discovery process.

The ROI of a PEO

Determining the value of a PEO can be difficult because it doesn't directly contribute to your revenue. However, studies show that — compared to companies that don't use a PEO — its value can be measured in numerous ways.

Based on research by McBassi & Company

Increase in annual revenue
Decrease in employee turnover
Average annual savings per employee

Costs to consider

To determine how much you are currently spending on HR versus how much you could save with a PEO, consider three things:

How much time are you and your employees currently spending on HR-related tasks? Multiply that by wages. Now, consider what you could be doing with that time and money. Why pay CEO wages to complete HR tasks? Working with us not only helps reduce the cost of HR solutions but frees you up to focus more on revenue-driving work.

How much are you currently spending on HR vendors? How much are you paying in compliance fines that you don’t have time to understand? Add that to your current HR costs.

How much are you currently spending on employee turnover, workplace accidents, and disengaged employees? On the other hand, how much is worker wellness and a positive culture worth to you?

What are you already outsourcing?

PRO Resources can eliminate the cost — and hassle — associated with outsourcing multiple different HR vendors, including:

  • HR consultant
  • Management and employee training company
  • Pre-employment screening vendor
  • Workers’ compensation carrier
  • Risk management consultant
  • Multiple-employee benefit brokers
  • Dental insurance carrier
  • Vision insurance carrier
  • Life insurance carrier
  • Disability insurance carrier
  • Supplemental benefits carrier
  • Retirement plan administrator
  • Payroll vendor
  • Time and attendance vendor

Let’s talk numbers

As part of the discovery process, we’ll give you a detailed calculator to determine your current HR costs. And if we can't save you money, we’ll tell you right away.

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