Why PRO Resources?

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Big business HR.
Small business budget.

As you search for HR solutions, you’ll find options. You could hire and train an internal HR team. You could buy HR software. You could use different vendors for each HR need.

At PRO Resources, you’ll find all the benefits of those options in one place. Get the hands-on approach of an internal team. The efficiency of HR software. The expertise of different vendors without the extra hassle. PRO is the simple solution to a complex challenge.

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PRO Resources has been around since 1991. Our team is stacked with specialists, like safety consultants, benefits managers, wellness coordinators, and payroll specialists.


Every business has different HR needs. Even if you already have an HR employee, we can help free them up for more important tasks. With our buffet-style model, you can take advantage of as much or as little as you want.

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When a crisis comes up at work, you don't want an automated reply. When you call, we answer. As an extension of your team, our goal is to make our support as seamless as possible.


If we aren't going to save you money, we don't want your business. Before you sign anything, we’ll talk through all your current costs and offset costs to ensure we’re bringing real value.

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Putting the people back in PEO

When you’re facing a tough conversation with an employee, you don't want just another canned HR tutorial or video meeting. Sometimes, being face-to-face is what makes all the difference. Unlike a lot of other national PEOs, we promise to be in person when you need us. No pushing required.

“Our employees and the staff at PRO work seamlessly, giving everyone the feeling we have our own HR team.”

– Ray Berry | OmniByte
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Annual hard cost savings

We’ve helped clients save thousands compared to what they’re already spending on HR — not to mention the savings related to getting your valuable time back.

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